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The San Bernardino County Democratic Party (SBCDP), also known as San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, is the official governing body of the Democratic Party representing over 327,000 registered Democrats in San Bernardino County, California.

Our authority is derived from the California Elections Code and the California Democratic Party.

Our members are elected and appointed as required.

The SBCDP works at the local level in cooperation with the California Democratic Party (CDP) and the National Democratic Committee (DNC).  The SBCDP is the Democratic Party in San Bernardnio. to provide an organizational structure for Democrats in San Bernardino to contact voters, register voters, inform voters about the Party and the Party’s platform, 



San Bernardino County Democratic Party

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Democratic Clubs

“Recognizing that Democratic Clubs are a major component of the Democratic Party structure—providing outreach, organizing, support, visibility, and communication of Democratic values to grassroots Democrats in their area—the SBCDCC shall encourage Club development and expansion and provide on-going technical support.” San Bernardino County Democratic Party     What is a Democratic Club? Democratic Clubs are grassroots organizations …

Officers and Members of Executive Board

  Updated January 3, 2018 TITLE OFFICER/MEMBER Chair Chris Robles First Vice Chair Mark Westwood Second Vice Chair Ron Cohen Third Vice Chair Jim Gallagher Treasurer Carol Robb Recording Secretary Val Lichtman Corresponding Secretary Joe Britt Parliamentarian* Mario Alfaro Sergeant-at-Arms* Shaun Houle             Voter Registration Chair*           …


View our Bylaws and Standing Rules Here: BYLAWS of the SBCDP [rev 2016-04-28]