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Candidate Endorsements

“It is the policy of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC) to endorse candidates in partisan and non-partisan races, to inform the county of those candidates who uphold the principles and practices of the Democratic Party.  Only registered Democrats shall be considered for endorsements.” 

– San Bernardino County Democratic Party Bylaws

The San Bernardino County Democratic Party looks forward to working with you.


Candidates seeking endorsement by the California Democratic Party should consult the following flow chart…

The candidate fills out the questionnaire by following this link. We will use the information we gather on this link to make sure candidates are eligible for endorsement and to schedule an interview.

After submitting the questionnaire, the candidate will be directed to pay an administrative fee via ActBlue or by mail. The fee is $25.00 for each office for which they are seeking endorsement. Link for SBCDCC ActBlue page. Print out your receipt and send us a copy via email to <>. Put “Endorsement Fee” and your name in the headline. You may also pay by mailing a check to…

San Bernardino County Democratic Party

PO Box 12026

San Bernardino CA 92423

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Interviews will be conducted by committee, via zoom, between the dates of August 18 and August 22.  After filling out the questionnaire, candidates will be emailed about scheduling a time for their interviews.

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 After the interview, committees will have the choice to recommend the candidate for endorsement.  Recommendation does not constitute an endorsement and candidates will not be able to publish endorsement by the Central Committee until the recommendation is voted on by the general membership of the SBCDCC on August 27th. We will reach out to you.


If recommended by committee, the general membership of the San Bernardino Democratic Central Committee will vote to approve an endorsement. If 60% or more of the membership vote in affirmation, Congratulations! you are endorsed by your local Democratic Party Central Committee. 

Some basic considerations before a candidate seeks endorsement by the SBCDCC. 

  1. Candidates must be a registered Democrat at the time of seeking endorsement by the SBCDCC
  2. The SBCDCC strongly encourages candidates to seek endorsement from their local Dem club prior to seeking endorsement from the SBCDCC. 
  3. SBCDCC can only endorse candidates running for local or county, non-partisan offices. If candidates have been endorsed by the state or national party, they don’t need to go through this process.  They already have our endorsement.
  4. Please do not share this email widely. Share only with serious Democrats seeking election to local and regional office.