June 7 Primary Election

Democrats, ballots are going to drop May 9, 2022, and we’ll have four weeks to Get Out the Vote!

Information about the election is available at the County’s Registrar of Voters website.

This primary follows California’s rule: the Top 2 candidates for State offices will advance to the November General Election, regardless of party affiliation. County offices, including County Supervisor and Sheriff, will only go on the November ballot if no candidate reaches 50% plus one in the primary.

We have two great endorsed candidates for County Supervisor: DeJonaé Shaw for District 2, and State Sen. Connie Leyva for District 4. Please make sure you vote all the way down the ballot!

Endorsed Candidates

At our March 24, 2022 General Meeting, the San Bernardino County Democratic Party unanimously voted to accept the recommendations of the Endorsement Committee and endorse the following Primary candidates: Helen Tran, Mayor of San Bernardino DeJonaé Shaw, Board of Supervisors District 2 State Senator Connie Leyva, Board of Supervisors District 4 Clifton Harris, Sheriff Please …

What district am I in now?

Every 10 years, following the Census, states go through a redistricting process to adjust boundaries to accommodate shifts in population. Many of us here in the County are in new Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly districts. Your County, City and Town districts may also have changed. The final state maps can be viewed at …