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General Election Candidate Endorsements

Congratulations on your decision to run for public office! The San Bernardino County Democratic Party (SBCDP) is committed to electing Democrats at all levels of government. 

Here are the steps to the SBCDP endorsement process:

  1. $25.00 Application fee (Payable here: )
  2. Written questionnaire  (Click here for the questionnaire: )
  3. Candidate interview 
  4. Interview committees submit endorsement recommendations to the SBCDP voting members
  5. The SBCDP voting members accept or reject the recommendations 

If you are running for a local seat that will be on the November 8, 2022 ballot and wish to seek the SBCDP endorsement, you must complete steps 1 and 2 by 5:00 pm Thursday, August 18 (deadline has been extended). 

Once received, an interview will be scheduled with each candidate.  The SBCDP voting members will make the final decision on the committee’s recommendations at a meeting on Thursday, August 25.

Waivers for the application fee will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

The candidate interview will be conducted by a panel of volunteers from the SBCDP. Interviews will be conducted virtually. 

Endorsement is a two-step process:  The interview panels will make a recommendation for each office to the voting members of the SBCDP.  The SBCDP voters will ratify or reject the recommendation at the August 25th meeting.  

Questions:  Contact SBCDP Third Vice Chair Kareema Abdul Khabir at

Some basic considerations before a candidate seeks endorsement by the SBCDP: 

  1. Candidates must be a registered Democrat at the time of seeking endorsement by the SBCDP.
  2. The SBCDP strongly encourages candidates to seek the recommendation of their local Dem club prior to seeking endorsement from the SBCDP. 
  3. SBCDP can only endorse candidates running for local or county, non-partisan offices. If candidates have been endorsed by the state or national party, they don’t need to go through this process.  They already have our endorsement.