San Bernardino Democrats Support AB 1400

The San Bernardino County Democratic Party overwhelmingly voted at its General Meeting on January 27, 2022 to support AB 1400, Guaranteed Health Care for All, which is currently moving through the Assembly.

Several members spoke passionately in favor of this bill, recounting personal experiences with the health care system and how their lives and family members’ lives have been negatively impacted by the high cost of health care in California, and stating the belief that healthcare is a human right. The California Democratic Party’s platform includes universal, single-payer health care.

Members praised legislators with San Bernardino County constituencies who have endorsed this bill, including Assembly Majority Leader, Eloise Gómez Reyes. 

Health care is a life and death matter that affects every Californian, regardless of immigration status, and the San Bernardino County Democratic Party hopes that every Democratic legislator in California will vote for universal health care at Monday’s floor vote.

Our press release is here. The letter circulated to lawmakers is here.